The Walla Walla Chamber Music Festival relies on community support for its success.


Festival Giving Circles

The fiscal year of the Walla Walla Chamber Music Festival (WWCMF) is Spetember 1 to August 31. Listed contributions were received between September 1, 2015 and August 31, 2016.. We strive for perfection in recognizing our amazing community of contributors. However, occasionally we play a wrong note. If you notice a misspelling or perhaps an error of omission, please let us know. We will get back to the practice room and get it right!

The Living Composer Circle, Gifts of $7,500 and up:

Living Composer’s Lifespan: Still Kicking. Music is alive. Nowhere is that more apparent than in the works of our present day. New works give us the perspective to appreciate that all music was once new, surprising, and even shocking. By performing and championing the works of our musical present, we are better able to appreciate the masterpieces of the past. 

  • Banner Bank
  • Cape Flattery Foundation

The Joseph Haydn Circle, Gifts of $2,500 to $7,499:

Haydn’s Lifespan: 77 years. Haydn was the most prolific composer of symphonic and chamber music during the Classical Era. He invented the String Quartet and perfected the form in his mature works. “Papa” Haydn, as he was known, lived to the ripe age of 77 and is considered to be the father of chamber music as we know it.

  • Mark Brucks and Susan Monahan
  • Iain and Stephanida Christie 
  • Columbia REA 
  • Dos Rios Fund of the Blue Mountain Community Foundation
  • Hal Herbert Hunt 
  • Edward Jones
  • Port of Walla Walla
  • Sonia Schmitt
  • J.L. Stubblefield Trust
  • Walla Walla County

The Johannes Brahms Circle, Gifts of $1,250 to $2,499:

Brahms’ Lifespan: 63 years. Brahms was perhaps the most influential composer of symphonic and chamber music in the nineteenth century after Beethoven. The variety, breadth, and beauty of his chamber music, as well as his contributions as a teacher, make him a towering figure on the musical landscape.

  • Clara and Art Bald Trust
  • Mary Garner Esary Trust
  • Fischer Guest House
  • Mike and Sue Gillespie Family Fund
  • Ben and Landra Macy
  • National Endowment for the Arts
  • Donald C. and Ruth F. Roff Fund of the Blue Mountain Community Foundation
  • The Van Yserloo Family — in loving memory of Barbara Van Yserloo
  • Washington State Arts Commission
  • Steve and Dianna Woolley

The Ludwig van Beethoven Circle, Gifts of $750-$1,249:

Beethoven’s Lifespan: 56 years. Beethoven cast a long shadow across the nineteenth century and beyond. His late string quartets remain revolutionary works to this day. Despite his deafness, Beethoven did more to change the course of music than any other composer.

  • Kay Mead and Brad Anderson
  • Rick and Cecile Ervin
  • Robert and Marilyn Franklin
  • Darcie Furlan
  • James M. Johnson
  • Albert Marshall
  • Tom and Margo Scribner
  • Linda Woolley Tam

The Felix Mendelssohn Circle, Gifts of $300-$749:

Mendelssohn’s Lifespan: 38 years. Mendelssohn’s contributions include rediscovering the music of Bach and pioneering new forms such as Songs Without Words. Mendelssohn both protected the legacy of the past and looked to the future.

  • Anonymous
  • Earl and Sandra Blackaby
  • Ted and Joyce Cox
  • Fred and Genie Crowe
  • Dayton/Columbia County Washington Fund of the Blue Mountain Community Foundation
  • Alex DeMambro
  • David Glenn and Laura Curtis
  • Dan and Amelia Grinstead
  • Peter and Amy Hess
  • Betty Holcomb
  • Puri and Chuck McBride
  • Jennifer Miller
  • Karen Miller
  • David, Lucia, Vienna and Milan Mumm
  • Martine Purcell and Jack Copperman
  • Nancy Ramstedt
  • John Sampen and Marilyn Shrude
  • John Tombari
  • Stephen and Suzanne Towery
  • Claire Valente and Barry Baloff
  • Craig and Ursula Volwiler
  • Walla Walla Community College
  • Walla Walla Community College Foundation
  • Kenneth B. Wells Trust
  • Robert and Jill Zagelow

The Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Circle, Gifts of $150-$299:

Mozart’s Lifespan: 35 years. His every work a pearl, every musical gesture a poem, Mozart is perfection.

  • Anonymous
  • Andy Block
  • James Carlsen
  • Patricia Cleavenger
  • Leila El-Wakil
  • Friends of the Library of Walla Walla
  • Anne Haley
  • Howard and Sue Higgen
  • Thomas and Jeanine Johnston
  • David Kerr Violin Shop
  • Timothy Machonkin and Amy Blau
  • Kay Maxfield
  • Jane and Al Roberts
  • Mark and Marlene Schuck
  • Manford Simcock
  • Dick and Deb Simon
  • Robynne Snow
  • In Honor of Charlotte Snow
  • Colonial Motel, Dick and Carolyn Tuttle

The Franz Schubert Circle, Gifts of $50-$149:

Schubert’s lifespan: 31 years. A prolific composer of songs, Schubert took chamber music to lyrical heights.

  • Anonymous
  • Ezra and Miriam Abraham
  • Paul Apostolidis and Jeanne Morefield
  • Nancy Ball Charitable Fund
  • Doug and Karen Bayne
  • David and Lou Ann Casper
  • Nicholas D’Antonio & DDE Musical Instruments
  • Bruce and Alyce DeMarais
  • Stephen Fisher
  • Jan and Edward Foster
  • Elizabeth George
  • Sonja Gourley
  • Peter and Amy Hess — In honor of the marriage of Norbs and Courtenay
  • Andrew and Gail Jennings
  • Melvin Johnson
  • Paul Kantor and Virginia Weckstrom
  • Tim and Sharon Kaufman-Osborn
  • Robert and Linnea Keatts
  • Alison Kirby and Daniel Calzaretta
  • Abraham Liebhaber
  • Rosemary Lloyd
  • Laurie Manahan
  • Jackie Neubauer
  • Brenda Ramirez
  • Mr. and Mrs. John Randolph Sealey
  • K.N. and E.R. Sillifant
  • Carol Jean Thompson
  • Richard Thornton
  • Peter Viavant — in honor of Charlotte Snow
  • Terry and Marilynn Westerbeck
  • Marvin and Sally Wood


Pergolesi’s Lifespan: 26 years. Though short-lived, Pergolesi was a prolific composer of operatic, sacred, and chamber music. His Stabat Mater has been performed on Good Friday in Naples, Italy, for almost 300 years.

  • Anonymous
  • Twyla Brunson
  • Chelanne Brown — In memory of Sigrid Grinius
  • Mary Cleveland
  • Allan Gillespie
  • John and Linda Lohrman
  • Susan MacDonald
  • Jeff and Donna Mahan
  • Margaret Metastasio
  • Hugh and Joyce Muzzall
  • Donald and Valerie Weaver
  • Marcia and Norman Wilke