Special Event 1 — Antonín Dvořák

Special Event 1 — Antonín Dvořák


Special Event: Dvorak String Quartet in F, Op. 96, “American”

Featuring the Girsky String Quartet, Danza Classica Ballet Company, and choreography by Idalee Hutson-Fish

Sunday, June 16

Rôtie Cellars Production Facility

7 PM

Few works in the chamber music repertoire communicate as fully to listeners of all stripes as does the String Quartet in F, Op. 96, by Antonin Dvorak. More immediately identifiable by its nickname, the “American,” this work has enjoyed a continuous place of prominence in the repertoire since its Carnegie Hall premiere in 1894 by the Kneisel Quartet. In fact, so significant is this music that it might be said to represent a glaring omission on the part of this Festival…

No more!

We visit the vast production facility of Rôtie Cellars for this special performance. Why so vast a space? To accommodate the dancers, of course! That’s right, WWCMF is teaming up with the young virtuosi of Walla Walla’s Danza Classica Ballet Company to bring new and unique insights to this Romantic masterpiece. With choreography by Idalee Hutson-Fish and a musical performance by the Girsky String Quartet, it will be a celebration from start to heart-pounding finish.

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