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Small venues, close encounters, great works.

Open rehearsals:

Hear classical music in a new way.


Reality television has nothing on classical music.

Rehearsing in a chamber music ensemble is one of the true joys of a life in music. The spirit of collaboration and creativity abounds.

The wealth of ideas, skills, and ambitions that each musician brings to a musical work comes together to form a unique interpretation, an artistic whole reflecting the various characteristics of the musicians themselves. Rehearsal can also be a furnace of tension, confrontation, bruised egos, and complete vulnerability on the part of the musicians. Behind the starched shirts and polished presentations of the concert stage exists the real world of chamber music.

Open Rehearsals at the Walla Walla Chamber Music Festival are a window into this complex and exciting process. Set in local art galleries and downtown spaces, Open Rehearsals are free, informal, and informative ways to hear classical music in a new way.


Sounds like fun!

Fun for children (of all ages).


Join us for fast-paced, kid-sized, joyous fun.

The Sounds Like Fun! Series of children’s concerts is made possible by the generosity of Columbia REA.

WWCMF presents four free children’s programs during the June 2019 Season. These fast-paced performances introduce children (of all ages) to classical music, a variety of instruments and the unique personalities of WWCMF’s roster of acclaimed musicians.

Don’t let our informal dress fool you. These musicians are at home on the world’s great stages like Carnegie Hall in New York City or the golden Musikverein in Vienna, Austria. But equally important are the world’s smaller stages, those located in the local public library or even a basketball gym. Come join the fun, listen to some great music and help the youngsters in our community develop a lifelong love of the arts.


Outreach events:

Share the joy of music.


Seniors (of all ages) may join us for this special concert.

Hundreds of our neighbors will have the opportunity to experience WWCMF through our suite of outreach activities during the 2019 June Festival. Most events on this series are not open to the general public, and that is by design. We seek to connect and share the joy of music with as much of the valley as possible, and we keep in mind that there are some segments of the community for whom public events are neither appealing nor feasible for reasons worthy of sensitivity.

However, we will have one public event on this series, and I urge you to attend. Ostensibly, this is a concert for senior citizens, but we would like to think of this as an opportunity to share in music, camaraderie and perhaps the wisdom of our more experienced friends and neighbors.

Are you over 65? That makes you a senior. Or perhaps you’re a senior in high school? College? Maybe you’re an older brother or sister. Maybe you just graduated to a front-facing car seat, and the world is suddenly moving in the right direction. You may be a toddler, but you just achieved a kind of seniority. Whatever your stage of advancement, this performance is for you! Join the musicians of WWCMF as we perform some of the old songs and honor our elders with an afternoon break for chamber music.

Outreach partners for the June 2019 Season include the Jonathan M. Wainwright VA Medical Center, the Walla Walla YWCA, Wheatland Village, and the Walla Walla YMCA.